It’s Release Day!

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Dear friends,

Let me begin with THANK YOU!

Thank you for reading my blog and newspaper column. Thank you for sharing my stories. Thank you for making this blog post for teen girls go viral and setting in motion a dream come true when Thomas Nelson, one of the world’s largest Christian publishers, asked if I’d be interested in turning that post into a book.

Clearly I said, “Yes!”, and because of you and that yes, we’re celebrating today.

Because today is the official launch for 10 ULTIMATE TRUTHS GIRLS SHOULD KNOW, a book for teen and tween girls! Today I get to share, with anyone who’s interested, 200 pages of what I want my daughters and their generation of girls to know.

Do I have all the answers? Of course not. But I do have a passion for girls and a genuine desire to point them in the right direction. And through writing this book, it’s become my mission to help girls discover their best life possible through Christ and understand how unbelievably and unconditionally loved they are.

The enthusiasm for this book has been amazing already. Thanks to the moms and daughters who have read it, plus reviews like this from Kirkus Reveiws, it’s getting great word of mouth. And I’d be SO grateful if you carried the torch today by spreading the word and supporting me in any of these ways:

  • Share this post through social media;
  • Write a review on Amazon or Goodreads if you or your daughter enjoy it, because positive reviews influence potential buyers;
  • Buy the book through your local bookseller, and if the book isn’t in stock, ask if they’ll order it;
  • Use the hashtag #10truths;

Also, I have a number of book signings and speaking engagements scheduled.  Check out my Speaking page, and if there’s an event near you, please bring your daughter, granddaughter, or that special girl in your life. I’ve been praying for my young readers for a year now, and meeting them in person is fast becoming a highlight of my journey.

I’m excited about what’s ahead and find peace in knowing God will use this book in His way and His time. Whatever our daughters are dreaming for themselves, His plan for them is bigger. Just thinking about the possibilities fills me with joy and reminds me that of all the gifts this next generation of girls has to offer us, the best one is HOPE. 

Here’s to a great launch with the best readers ever. Thank you again for your support, love, and encouragement!




Posted by Kari on November 4, 2014

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One thought on "It’s Release Day!"

  1. Debra says:

    Dear Kari,
    Thank you for your lovely affirmations for teen girls. I’m a Mum (Kiwi-Aussie) by osmosis as I don’t have biological girls but I’ve had hundreds/thousands of ‘my girls’ come through my classroom doors. I’d love to share your words with a group of lasses whom I’ll be mentoring in 2019. They’re all in Year 9 so they’re at that age where, if they haven’t already, they’re ready to eye’ the lads. I look forward to sharing anything you’d recommend and thank you in advance. Blessings on you, your girls and your ministry. Sincerely, Debra

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