Around this time in 2012, I was living in survival mode. Overwhelmed by life circumstances, I woke up every morning with anxiety and fear that on any given moment, I just might crack.

It had been a trying year for our family, and one full of tests. I felt like I couldn’t catch a break because crazy things kept happening.

First there was the tree that fell on our newly renovated home. Then there were two close calls involving my kids. All the while, other stressors kept popping up, like my daughter being on crutches, and having our rental house listed, which required more upkeep on my part. My husband had started a new job with a commute, and while this was good, it left me to oversee the home renovations he’d been handling.

Add to this that I was preparing to move my family for the 4th time in 14 months, and you may understand why I was completely exhausted.

I missed my normal life.