20 Things College Girls Should Know

It was a college football game weekend, and as my friend walked down sorority row with her teenage daughter, her daughter took it all in.

The energy. The buzz. The sea of people dressed in the school colors, full of excitement and hope. Out of the blue, her daughter asked a question.

“Mom, what’s the hardest part of college?”

Her mother said the first thing that came to mind: Saying no.

It was a funny answer, yet really true. Saying No is the hardest part of college.

Whether it’s No to Domino’s pizza at midnight, No to going out on Tuesday night because you need to study, or No to someone who is pushing you against your better judgment, it is beneficial and wise to get comfortable saying No.

Yet even with the invitations you pass up, college is unbelievably fun. It is a time of freedom, fun, and lifelong friends you’ll always feel close to because you help each other grow up.

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How Does a Girl Restore Her Reputation?

I once met a woman who grew up with a father who failed to show her love and affection. Hungry for attention and very naïve, she went to a party one night in 9th grade, had too much to drink, and made some regrettable choices with a boy.

The next week, her phone began to ring off the hook. It wasn’t the boy reaching out – it was his friends. You see, word travels fast when a girl makes a mistake. One night is all it takes to get the wrong kind of label and start attracting the worst guys, the predators who only want to use girls and have no idea how to show respect.

As a writer for teen girls, I often hear school counselors talk about the regret they see in their office. I hear about the girls who come to them feeling broken and ashamed, convinced they’re damaged goods because that’s how people treat them or that’s how they see themselves.

In many cases, they think they don’t deserve what the “good girls” seem to get – like a guy who will respect them – because of choices they made in the past.

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