Character is More Important Than Winning

Several years ago, I heard about a 5th grade boy who showed character during a summer all-stars baseball game that was intense and high-stakes.

Both teams were determined to win.

The boy, named Michael, made an amazing stop at short stop. Everybody in the stands thought he’d caught the ball for an out, but it was questionable whether the ball touched the ground before landing in his mitt.

The umpire asked Michael if he’d caught the ball. The crowd grew silent as everyone leaned in and listened closely. Michael knew that if he said yes, he’d be the game hero. His team and their fans would be thrilled.

But Michael chose to be honest instead. He admitted that the ball hit the ground before landing in his mitt. Immediately you could hear the crazy parents in the stands grumbling about the call and the missed catch.

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Big News: I Have A New Book Coming!

For about a year now, I’ve been pouring myself into a project that is near and dear to my heart.

And I’m thrilled to finally announce that this project is a second book with Thomas Nelson that releases this fall and will be available everywhere books are sold!

The book is called Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?and the official release date is November 15, 2016. Like my first book, it targets teen and tween girls, yet the message is relevant for all ages.

The purpose of Liked is to empower girls through faith. It’s designed to help them focus on their audience of One – the God who created them – and discover a life of confidence, courage, and purpose.

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