Making Peace with the Holidays

One January several years ago, I was having coffee with some moms when the conversation turned to Christmas — and how differently women and men handle the holiday.

A story one mom shared essentially summed up the gender gap that tends to appear this time of year.

It was a busy Saturday, and as she ran circles around the house, her head exploding with things to do (buy a tree! decorate it! decorate the house! bake! buy gifts! wrap gifts! prepare Christmas cards!), her husband was kicked back watching football. Every time she passed him in the den, her irritation rose. With a drink in hand and a crackling fire, he looked completely and annoyingly at PEACE.Making Peace With the Holidays - FINAL

Her husband was too relaxed to notice how busy she was, much less offer to help. With her hard work going unappreciated, a fire of another kind started inside her.

Around her fourth or fifth trip, this mom stopped moving. She looked at her husband and, with three simple words, shared her frustration:

“Quit enjoying yourself!” she told him.

Every mom having coffee that day burst into laughter at the story’s punch line and nodded emphatically. It was one of those, “Right on, sister. I know exactly what you’re talking about!” moments we all related to.

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The Kindness Challenge

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post about kind girls that went viral. While I was very grateful for the response, I secretly wondered if maybe, just maybe, it shouldn’t have been such a sensation.

I wrote “Raising a Kind Daughter” because I get so tired sometimes of hearing mean girl stories. Don’t get me wrong; I know mean girls exist, and the problem seriously needs to be addressed. All the venom in the girl world today truly frightens me for my four daughters.

But there are also a lot of really sweet girls out there, girls who love their friends and understand what friendship means. Because their stories hold very little drama or shock value, they don’t make headline news.

So in my article, I talked about the kindness my daughter’s friend showed her when they competed for a class election, and my daughter won. I then noted the correlation that I’ve seen, time and time again, as the mom of four girls: That the kind friends my girls bring home always have kind mothers. Because kindness among girls doesn’t start on the playground or in the locker room – it starts at homeIt starts with kind mothers raising kind daughters, showing them how to love other females like sisters, not threats and competitors. 

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It’s Release Day!

10 truths collage2

Dear friends,

Let me begin with THANK YOU!

Thank you for reading my blog and newspaper column. Thank you for sharing my stories. Thank you for making this blog post for teen girls go viral and setting in motion a dream come true when Thomas Nelson, one of the world’s largest Christian publishers, asked if I’d be interested in turning that post into a book.

Clearly I said, “Yes!”, and because of you and that yes, we’re celebrating today.

Because today is the official launch for 10 ULTIMATE TRUTHS GIRLS SHOULD KNOW, a book for teen and tween girls! Today I get to share, with anyone who’s interested, 200 pages of what I want my daughters and their generation of girls to know.

Do I have all the answers? Of course not. But I do have a passion for girls and a genuine desire to point them in the right direction. And through writing this book, it’s become my mission to help girls discover their best life possible through Christ and understand how unbelievably and unconditionally loved they are. 

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