Life with Lola: A Case for the Family Dog

Once upon a time, there were four little girls who begged for a dog.

Their names were Ella, Sophie, Marie Claire, and Camille.

American Girl dolls are great, but we want a live and furry friend.

American Girl dolls are great, but we want a live and furry friend!

“No,” said their parents, their voices firm and adamant. “Absolutely not.”

The little girls pushed. They whined. They cried and gave their parents a major guilt trip about being the ONLY FAMILY ON EARTH that didn’t have a dog. But the parents didn’t budge. They were united, and they told the girls that maybe, just maybe, they’d get a dog in a few years when everyone was older and more responsible. Until then, the issue was moot.

Time passed, and every so often, one of the girls would come home from a friend’s house begging for a dog. Immediately her sisters would chime in, making it a four-against-two debate as the kids pressured and pushed the parents again. But the parents stood their ground…even as tears were shed and angry little feet stomped across the kitchen floor.

“Maybe one day,” their parents said, “but not now. We aren’t ready. Our plate is too full.”

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10 Truths Moms Should Know

It’s May, and you know what that means.

Time to recognize and celebrate every unsung hero called Mom.

Most mothers don’t give themselves enough credit. They may admit they’re a good mom, but a great mom? I believe many would choke on the word. Women are too hard on themselves, and nowhere is this more apparent than in motherhood.

Following are 10 truths moms should know. I hope they serve as encouragement, hope, and a well-deserved pat on the back.

Truth #10: While the world wants you at your best, your family just wants you. In the workplace, there’s little room for error. One mistake and you could be fired.  momm

But in motherhood, there’s more job security. There’s more love, forgiveness, and grace. While the world can praise you one day, curse you the next, your family’s not so fickle. They aren’t looking to replace you because the truth is, nobody can.

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